Bijou Community School

A Bijou Bobcat Always ROARS!

¡Un gato montés sabe RUGIR!


As a Two Way Immersion Family, one of the most important commitments the family has its commitment to volunteering. Each family is expected to volunteer an average of one hour a week at Bijou Community School. Of course, most parents spend much more time there, but every family that is in the TWBI program is expected, and has committed, to an hour a week. This is usually divided up as follows: one half an hour each week goes directly to their child's classroom, while the other half an hour is spent doing something for the school of Bijou.

Bijou Community School has created volunteer committees to be as efficient as possible with the time the TWBI parents put into the school. Each committee is responsible for a specific area within the school. These committees are meant to address the time families put into the school, not necessarily the time they put into their child's classroom. 

WHY? The two main reasons volunteering is expected and families are eager to commit are: 

  1. Study after study show that students do much better in school when their parents are directly involved in their education and when education is an obvious priority of the parent. 
  2. TWBI students are receiving so much more than the average classroom. Teachers are doing nearly double the work.
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